Stree director Dinesh Vijan announces horror-comedy “Rooh-Afza”

By Across States News Team| February 28, 20190

After producing and directing the Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starree “Stree”, Dinesh Vijan hopes to build a cinematic universe in the horror-comedy genre. He has now announced horror-comedy, Rooh-Afza, which he will follow-up with Munjha, another project in the same space.

Speaking to the media, he affirmed that there are three horror comedies which are being developed and then they will start meeting (at some point). There will be Stree 2, after Rooh-Afza and Munjha. After that there will be ‘Rooh-Afza 2’ and ‘Munjha 2’. The sequels will kind of meet each other, just cross paths,” Vijan told PTI in an interview.

The producer makes it known that even as shooting for Stree, which was one of the major hits of 2018, they started developing Rooh-Afza, about a singing ghost who puts grooms to sleep on their wedding nights to possess their brides. He said the third film, “Munjha”, will revolve around a male ghost looking for his bride. Stree was about a female ghost terrorizing the male population of a small town.

“It has been in the planning stage from the last two years. There are three different teams who don’t know each other and have developed the three films. But I have a blueprint in my mind that I’m going to make all the three films meet. So the last shot of ‘Munjha’ will meet ‘Rooh-Afza’ and so on.”

The idea of creating a franchise crossed Vijan’s mind when he met a Hollywood artiste, who has worked on all of Christopher Nolan’s films, and they talked about cinematic universes. For the grand plan to work, both Rooh-Afza and Munjha have to work and the producer is aware of it. “I’m betting big on the next two films and we need to up the game. ‘Munjha’ needs to be a better film than ‘Stree’. ‘Rooh-Afza’ has to be a balancing factor. Then, I will have my universe in the next five years,” he says. If all goes well, the finale of the universe could be a two-part or three-part series where everything comes together. “So let’s assume 2023 is where all the films should meet.

This year will be ‘Rooh-Afza’, 2020 will be ‘Munjha’ and 2021 will be ‘Stree 2’. Sometime later that year, there will be ‘Rooh-Afza 2’ and then 2022 will be ‘Munjha 2’. Then you do that massive film where all these meet.” With Rao recurring in “Rooh-Afza”, Vijan hopes other cast members would also return in the future though there is no contract in place.

“Raj is like ‘ghar ka’ (a family member). Also they all want to return. Why will you leave your franchise? “I don’t do legal binding. I don’t believe in it. I feel I have been blessed with actors who all have trust in me. They all want to be part of ‘Stree 2’.

This is the universe and that’s why Raj is also in ‘Rooh-Afza’,” he says. The producer is currently promoting rom-com “Luka Chuppi”, which features Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aaryan. The film hits the theatres Friday



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