Tragedy strikes the Denzongpa family

By Across States News Team| February 11, 20190

Heartbroken Danny stays away from Manikarnika

Tragedy has struck the family of Danny Denzongpa. His two brothers passed away with a week of one another. The Veteran actor who plays an important role in the Rani of Jhansi biopic, Manikarnika hasn’t had the time or the inclination to watch the film. The actor is reeling from the loss of his two brothers and has been dealing with the necessary formalities that follow loss.

As per one of Danny’s co-stars, Danny has bigger problems to look into. He has lost family members very close to him, and he’s attending to the formalities. The last thing he is worried with at the moment is the length of his role. In fact, Danny hasn’t seen Manikarnika, nor does he want to. The experience of shooting with a substitute director (Kangana Ranaut) after the original director (Krish)’s departure was unpleasant.”

Confirming the grief in the family, Danny says, after the double tragedy, all in the have been in a state of shock. They have all been visiting different monasteries in remote places for the ritualistic 49 days of prayers according to their Buddhist religion.


Report by: K.V.Raman

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