Real Estate agents break MahaRERA regulations

By Across States News Team| October 11, 20180

Ever since MahaRERA Act was passed, it became mandatory for everyone to register including the builder and the real estate agent to MahaRERA. Sans the registration, no business can be transacted .Even the merchandising and construction websites are bound to be registered. If the builder or real estate agent decides to issue an advertisement, then they have to mention the MahaRERA number and MahaRERA website in the advt. Failure to follow the regulation, will amount to action by MahaRERA.

Reportedly, on Tuesday, ‘RK’s Homes Solutions’ the real estate company issued an advertisement in several newspapers claiming that they don’t consume the two per cent brokerage and aim to end the practice. The advertisement further stated that the consumer will have to pay just a small amount as service charges which will be refunded as well.

Speaking to the media the Mumbai Grahak Panchayat President Adv. Shirish Deshpande affirmed that while the real estate company intended to end the two per cent brokerage scheme, they forgot about MahaRERA regulations and on the full-page advertisement they did not mention even once, the MahaRERA registration number and the MahaRERA website.

As a result, Deshpande quizzed whether the company had registered with MahaRERA or not. If the company had not registered, then he demanded a severe action against the company and real estate agent. However, if the company had registered then they should be penalized for missing to display MahaRERA details on the advertisement.

Even as the Panchayat has complained, the action against the same lies in the hands of MahaRERA who is yet to make the decision.


Sanjay M Bhaire

(The author is Editor-In-Chief, Across State-Across Mumbai News)



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