Ramadan Begins: Commencement of month long fasting

By Across States News Team| May 27, 20170

Ramadan marks the Holy month for Muslims. The sighting of the new moon is the significance of Ramadan that makes the beginning the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.

Ramadan is empirical worldwide and consists of fasting from dawn to dusk.  Throughout this period, Muslims abstain from food, drinks and worldly engagements and desires. Each year, the month of Ramadan brings with itself a chance to begin again. The spirit of Ramadan is all about forgiveness, taking care of one another and of course, remembering and giving praise to the Almighty, a little more than we usually do

There is a logic and reason behind refraining from worldly desires and pleasures during this time. Since this was the period when the Holy Quran was sent down to the Prophet, this is the reason the month of Ramadan (the last ten nights, especially) Muslims believe that this  is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with Allah with the hope that He will grant you peace and his blessings.

It’s a month of sharing and if you can help even a single person out, the purpose of Ramadan is considered fulfilled. Though fasting is the prime stress, the spirit of Ramadan is much deeper than just the mechanical act of abstaining from food. It is an opportunity to bond with one’s own inner soul, and reach out to God, asking him to forgive us for our sins and to restore our faith and beliefs.

As thousands step into this soul enriching month-long period, we wish them a heartfelt Ramadan Mubarak. May this Ramadan be the turning point your life – where you break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge in the sweetness of Emam. May Allah grant you a fierce spirit and a heart full of love and goodness?

Sanjay M Bhaire

(The author is Editor-In-Chief, Across States)



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