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By Across States News Team| May 7, 20170

The students of the Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology showcased quite dexterously displayed collections hand-picked from the fashion and jewellery designs categories. The theme was “Etre La Vogue” meaning ‘To be in vogue’at the Vogue Mystique Fashion Awards event that took place at Chennai’s most popular Chowdiah Memorial Hall recently,

The audience got a peek into the inspiration behind the eight that were modeled from each segment through short clips featuring the designers.
The showcase commenced with the jewellery collections that featured interesting designs, with some opting to veer away from the traditional necklace and bracelet pattern to high-necked chokers and subtle hair accessories which drew inspiration from the colour white to the popular television show Game of Thrones..

The eight fashion collections were presented after a brief video on jewellery and pattern making. . Each design was as different as its predecessor, with influences and formations ranging from fossils and traditional festivals to poetry and cybernetics. Every collection featured an innovative style of construction and they all seemed to tell a story.

The models, choreographed by fashion choreographer Gautham Pavate, walked the ramp to energetic backing tracks, unique to each collection.

Apart from merely seeing the collections, the audience, was treated to animation videos created by students, a charming behind-the-scenes and bloopers video, and an audio-visual presentation on interior design. The award distribution followed, which recognized the work of the best designers and their collections. The winner in the jewellery design category was Sarmishtha Paul and her design which was inspired by the Gothic era and horrific sensation. And in the fashion category, Jessy and Vandana, creators of the

Tales of Tradition collection went home with the Best Accessorized Collection award, and the Chairman’s Award. When asked about their reaction to the win, Jessy beamed, “we are extremely happy and never expected this to happen”.

Sanjay M Bhaire

(The author is Editor-In-Chief, Across States)

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