Teachers allege glitches in OSM,

By Across States News Team| December 21, 20170

Mumbai University refutes claims

Several teachers have alleged technical glitches in the on-screen marking (OSM) system which is the online assessment system, though the Mumbai University (MU) has ensured of a smooth assessment procedure in the on-going winter-term examinations. They claim that the internet speed is the main reason behind the delays.

Further claim by the teachers is that the downloading answer papers from the system to the screen in order to assess them are error-prone due to the “load” on the system. But, the controller of examinations and evaluation, Dr Arjun Ghatule, told the media that the entire assessment has been smooth as they have not received any major complaints from any CAP centres.

According to a senior professor of the MU said, maybe they have improved their standard compared to the last summer-term examinations but our point is does the University wants their students to suffer again like they did last time. If not each and every teacher, a majority of teachers is going through various types of trouble at their CAP centres.”

She said that the glitches in the computer of system depended on the load each CAP centre was carrying. “Examiners are the main people suffering due to this problem as they are the ones in-charge-of downloading answer sheets and allotting them to the teachers to assess..

A further teacher said that instead of focusing on reducing glitches, the varsity should try to make the system free of glitches. “We are not against the MU introducing the online system. It is for the good of all students and teachers. However, what is the point if it has so many glitches?” the teacher said.

Meanwhile, Nagendran Sundararajan, executive vice president and spokesperson of MeritTrac, which is the software service provider for the OSM system, told the media that MeritTrac does not wish to comment on the matter.

Sanjay M Bhaire

(The author is Editor-In-Chief, Across State News)

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