Wrong download of BMM paper by some colleges panics students

By Across States News Team| April 20, 20180

Controversies seem to be surrounding the Mumbai University for various reasons. The latest one to come to light is on the downloading of wrong paper for the final year Bachelor’s of Mass Media (BMM) students appearing for the ‘Press Laws and Ethics’ paper. Sat the examination centre they were provided with the wrong question paper – instead of the new one, the old paper was given to them. Turns out, colleges had downloaded the wrong paper from MU’s website.

A problem was faced by the students of the Mutha College in Kalyan when they appeared for the paper. The students came to know about the different paper when they discussed it with students from their college appearing elsewhere for their exam about the different paper when they discussed it with students from our college appearing elsewhere for their exams. The students from Mutha College were given the old pattern question paper, which caused panic among them,” shared a professor from an Ulhasnagar college.

According to a professor of a Chembur College, different patterns of question paper are evaluated differently, too. “Thankfully, there is not much of a difference in the syllabus, which is why students were able to attempt questions. A student shared, “While appearing for paper, the questions did not seem unidentified. However, when he got to know all his other batch mates have appeared for a different question paper, he was stunned, as something like this never happens.

MU’s Vinod Malale, PRO for the examination section and officiating registrar, stated that a few colleges had approached them  with this complaint. The university uploads all question papers on a link, from where colleges have to download them. On the link, one can see question papers of all examinations scheduled for the day. A few colleges downloaded papers of the old pattern even as students appearing for the exam were from the new one. However, since there is no difference in the syllabus, it is not a big issue. Evaluation will be done uniformly for all as per the new pattern, so students won’t face any issue.


Sanjay M Bhaire

(The author is Editor-In-Chief, Across State News)



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