lashes out at Rahul Gandhi

By Across States News Team| February 11, 20190

Rahul is a failed student, jealous of topper Modi

Finance M inister Arun Jaitley came down heavily on the Congress [president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday, calling him a “failed student” whose speeches in Parliament, including on the Rafale deal, have “college-level lumpenisation in content”. He accused the opposition party of launching fake campaigns. He said a “new emerging breed of institution protectors” has emerged, which criticize the government the most and simultaneously argue that free speech is in danger and shed “crocodile tears for democracy” and make every effort to convert the world’s largest democracy into a dynastic one.

“The past two months have witnessed several fake campaigns. Each one of them has failed to cut much ice. Falsehood doesn’t have longevity. The ‘compulsive   contrarians’ continued to jump from one falsehood to another. The Rafale deal not only strengthens the combat ability of the Indian Air Force but saved thousands of crores for the exchequer. When its falsehood collapsed, a half document was produced to perpetuate the falsehood. Little did the creators of this falsehood realize that the cost of producing half a document is the loss of full credibility,” Mr Jaitley wrote on his Facebook page.

Jaitley further said history will record that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s great-grandson has “singularly damaged” India’s Parliament as an institution more than anyone else, with the Congress attempting to disrupt both Houses, and cited examples of how the Opposition party had attacked and interfered in the judiciary, the Election Commission, the armed forces, the RBI and the CBI. “If we analyze Rahul Gandhi’s two speeches on Rafale, they are based on a personal hatred for the Prime Minister emanating from envy. A failed student always hates the class topper. Additionally, the context of the  speeches points more to college-level lumpenisation in  content,” said the senior BJP leader, while praising two MPs of Opposition parties, BJD’s Bhartruhari Mahtab and RSP’s N.K. Premachandran, for filling up the “intellectual vacuum” lrft by the Congress in Parliament.

Slamming  the Congress over its “self-contradictory” stand on multiple issues, Jaitley said while it slaughters a cow before the cameras in Kerala, it invokes the National Security Act against cow killers in Madhya Pradesh, and labeled the opposition as “institution protectors” who support the legitimizing of illegal infiltrators into India and aligned with Maoists in the recent Chhattisgarh elections.

“Rahul Gandhi stood shoulder to shoulder with the ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang at Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Congress was in the forefront of defending the ‘urban Naxals’ in court. And yet it claims to be a friend of both the idea of India and its institutions. It is about time India and its institutions are protected from these ‘institution wreckers’,” the Union minister noted.

Accusing the Congress of organizing the loot of banks between 2008-2014, Jaitley said the party was now alleging industrial loans had been waived. He said the government had consistently maintained an arm’s length distance with the EC and the attack on EVMs was not merely to allay defeat, it was an attack on the EC. He also said it was the Opposition which first questioned the existence of the surgical strike and then played it down as a routine action which had also taken place in the past.

On the RBI, Jaitley said Congress governments in the past had been liberal in asking governors of the country’s central bank to step down


Sanjay M Bhaire

(Editor-In-Chief, Across State, Across Mumbai News)



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