Sshrey Pareekh unplugged

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Actor Sshrey Pareekh unplugged!

What are the prominent shows you have done?

Four prominent shows I have done and those are suvreen Guggal on. Channel V, Paanch on channel V Dil Ki baatein dil Hi Jaane on Sony

Which was your last show?

And my last show was Devanshi on colors..

You have been part of a number of shows, which one was the closest to you and why?

All the shows which I have done are different in their own way and close to my heart. I have given my heart out to each show but if I have to take on name, then I will say it is Paanch. This was the show which is real close because this was my first big show and I played the lead in that show. Paanch was the show which have given me popularity amongst youth as it was immensely popular. Even today wherever I go people know me by my character name Nihal.

-You have also done episodic shows, has the length of your character ever made a difference to you? What about cameo roles? What you done them in the past and are you open to it?

Yes .I have done few episodic and all of those have amazing stories and challenging characters to play. I believe in one thing that the length of the character stand short in front of its impact. So I always prefer that impact and importance of the character. Also, cameo is not at all bad to choose but the problem with the industry is that they typecast you when you choose cameos. It doesn’t matter how good was the role or how actor performed it . If u have done a cameo people will always call you for cameos. So it’s better to stay away from such roles. I did few and become real hard for me to change my image but exceptions are always there.

Tell us about your background, how did you get in to acting?

I am born and brought up in Jaipur. We belong to a middle class family and almost all middle class families have big dreams to achieve and I am one of those. I was very reserved and average boy and not good in studies . So, I always used to wonder what will I do in future as all of my friends had decided at an early age. I was the one who was left with no answer and meanwhile my sister’s marriage was there and I had to perform a dance for her and had joined a dance class to do so , my family loved my performance . Then I thought why not take up dancing. I started taking training, joined Shiamak Davar’s company. Later they called me to Mumbai and become a trainer in their company. One of my friend was trying his luck in acting and he advised me to start giving auditions. I did for one ad and got selected .so the journey started from there. Post that I worked for almost 15 to 20 ads and I got the show from there. Then I never thought of doing anything else.

What is the best and the worst thing about being part of showbiz?

Best thing about being a part of showbiz is that I am doing what I love. The worst thing is that it ireally difficult – at least for me – to get a break. I have struggled hard to get work , gave thousands of audition till now ..but still I am not where I want to be. Another thing is that is that there is secured life. I mean people do job and get monthly salary ,live their life accordingly but for actors there’s no certainty ,no guarantee that you’ll get work one after the other. So, it’s hard to maintain and balance financial aspect of life. To top it all, it’s a show business so you have to spend a lot of money on yourself to maintain, which can get difficult to manage.

How have you evolved as an actor? Is there anything that you want to work on?

I think I am still evolving as an actor. I was listening to naseer saab’s (Naseerddin Shah) interview . He said ‘if you think you have evolve as a perfect actor you are done right there’. He is right that there is nothing like a perfect actor and you must keep working on yourself to become better and I am doing that . I am working hard to improve myself and if directors on set and audiences at home appreciate my work then I think I am evolving and this will keep going till I am working as an actor. There is no ending process. There are lot of things I have to work on. As I said it’s a never ending process so it’ll continue but the most important thing is that I have to work on is technicality. As an actor I do what I feel but sometimes it doesn’t connect, so there certain technique works. I’ll try to learn those techniques to connect more with audience.

Which is the one actor who you look up to on television

To be very honest everybody is good but I don’t look up to any one in particular television …I have my goals for films .and there are the actors I look up to . Right now I love Ranbir and he’s the one I admire and love.

What is your notion of success?

Work hard and work on yourself. Believe ,take blessing ,spread positivity and you’ll b successful..

Many actors often talk about the hectic schedules of television? How do you manage these? Does it ever get too tiring?

Yes ,it’s really hard to work for 12 to 13 hours in a day. Personally I love to be on set all the time and it’s my passion to act and I love almost everything about it. Only thing I find it difficult is to maintain yourself . You have to look good on camera for that you have to be fit and work so you need time for that . Then sleep is important to feel fresh . So u need time to do all this but it’s manageable.

I don’t take stress at all for all this I just go according to the schedule . I gave one hour to gym and rest to sleep except the hours we are shooting No parties at that time that’s for sure.

What about future plans? Anything else in the pipeline?

I don’t have any future plans. To be very honest I am going with the flow but yes I have goals and my goal is films. That is the target I have to achieve.

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