Tussle between film critic and Godman gets them evicted

By Across States News Team| July 12, 20180

Hyderabad based film critic Kathi Mahesh who achieved fame following his participation in the Telugu (Season 1) of ‘Big Boss’ last year of  ‘Big Boss’ last year, was driven out  from the city for six months by the police earlier this month for his insalubrious comments on ‘Ramayana’ that allegedly hurt religious sentiments.

In his reaction, Swami Paripoornananda, the politically energetic head of the religious organization Sri Peetham, threatened to take out a rally to combat Mahesh’s comments. The police placed him under house arrest and ultimately externed him to his Kakinada Ashram..

What incited Kathi Mahesh to talk on the Ramayana and why did the police take Paripoornananda’s intimidation gravely? These incidents over the last two weeks in Hyderabad that make for a huge potboiler have their roots in Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’.


Report by: K.V.Raman


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