Kapil’s co-star Sugandha exposes the fall of the comedian

By Across States News Team| April 14, 20180

 Off late Kapil Sharma has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. From his ugly twitter rage with a columnist to the failure of his return show Family Time With Kapil Sharma, Kapil’s co-star Sugandha Mishra has revealed  the actual behind the fall of the comedian.

According to her, Kapil Sharma’s abrupt collapse has come as a major jerk for not just him but his fans as well. The fans are yet to rise above Kapil’s downfall.

The actor further stated that it is because of Kapil’s present options that he has been facing such dilemma in personal and professional life.

She even affirmed that Kapil has changed over time and isn’t the one she known once.

Sugandha was further quoted saying that this is not the Kapil she knew. He was the one who got her to Mumbai and helped her seek permission from her  family to have a career in this stream. .

She also added, that the choice he has made presently has led to his downfall. When we were a team, he was all fine but the current choices have somewhere led to all this. Probably the sudden stardom and success that he has got had made him lose control on himself especially with the current team”.

Sugandha also affirmed that they were all together and never felt that he was going towards a negative side. In fact, we all, including him, were very positive. But this began from the time of his movie Firangi.  That was when we started noticing a certain change in him. His new bunch wanted to separate us and probably change the team as well. But our team was strong enough and they knew how to handle Kapil especially Preeti Simoes. Kapil is like a kid and she literally has caressed him like a child by bribing him into doing things..

The popular comedian, who was a part of The Kapil Sharma Show, also mentioned that Kapil’s ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes knew how to handle Sharma.

“Preeti knew how to handle Kapil like no one else. Knowing him, we know that he easily gets carried away and influenced. I really feel that more than guidance, it is important for him to have the right people around you when you are successful. Preeti has gone out of her way and cared for Kapil. She used to make sure that things were well disciplined and organized in Kapil’s life. Now there is no-one to take the responsibility,” she added.

Sugandha also expressed her concern over Kapil’s health and also lend support to him. She also said that his family needs to understand Sharma’s condition and that he needs right guidance and people around him.

Given the present  development, it will be interesting to see if Kapil Sharma will be able to make a comeback on the small screen or is the end of his career.




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