Your favourite telly town celebrities and their off-screen looks on Instagram!

By Across States News Team| May 18, 20170

Ankit Bathla – A blessing from a fan from Indonesia in a form of customised pillow!

Ankit Gera – A new exciting way to beat the heat!
Jyotsna Chandola – A beautiful bride on Instagram!
Mohammad Nazim – Two things that describe him:  Classy & Fabulous!
Mrunal Jain – All the fashions will fade, but this look will remain eternal because I am wearing my father’s favourite color!
Ridheema Tiwari – A new look which will never get old!
Rohan Gandotra – The beach is the best way to escape the stress according to the actor!
Sara Arfeen Khan – Sharing hair and the screen with the man himself, Alok Nath!
Shardul Pandit – With Shardul, entertainment comes in all ways!
Vahbiz Dorabjee – Family time is always a wonderful time!
Aniruddh Dave – A very peaceful moment with Aniruddh!
Adaa Khan – Selfie with her friend Anita, both looking gorgeous much!
 Reported by-Prashant Golecha
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